Click on me pic fer a wild vacay ta Vegas o tha islandz

Are ye ready me fair maidens ta sail ta tha islandz o ta Vegas ??

Whether it be by me ship or by whirrlybird or by tha landyacht..We be makin yer way a plezant one !

Be prepared mateys for a wild advebture beyond ye eyez can see wit yer doubloonz at Vegas Travel Connection...Click on thine pic n be nice o I'll feed yer carcas ta tha fisheez !!


Argh !!!


Private tours avaulable for minumum 2 hours at your hotel or vacation rental with an impersonator and dj to entertain you and yer frenz n maybe even walk around the vegas strip with em

We b givin free or discounted tickets ta shows , meals, movies, vacay website n more


For Summer we have Capt Jack n DJ Anne Bonny..Minumum 2 hours $1400

Mention you were a client of Glowin Yp Body Sculpting to get a free travel booking


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